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The Battle Against Cancer

Swasthi Saukhya  has set its combative eyes on the menace of Cancer and the project that has been launched to fight this malaise has been aptly named  Snehathalam. This is a project of Swasthi Saukhya that is run in active partnership with Metro Manorama, Trivandrum. This strategic partnership has proven to be a highly successful combine and now has roots that extend well beyond the boundaries of Trivandrum District, with an eye on Pan Kerala operations. Thus far Snehathalam has completed three phases and the fourth phase is ongoing. These camps reach out to the needy in the urban areas and the outlying tribal areas, and are completely free of charges.

Snehathalam aims at early detection and treatment of Cancer. Thus far Snehathalam has conducted camps all over Kerala. Cancer is a completely curable disease that can be completely reversed if detected at the very onset and that is the initial attack initiative taken up by Snehathalam. The camp are conducted close to the areas of habitation and are manned by some of the very best oncologists in the state. These camps are also accompanied by awareness seminars that are aimed at enlightening the general public about Cancer.

The initial drives have targeted Breast cancer, Oral Cancer and Cervical Cancer. The project aims at achieving the target of screening one hundred thousand people and providing them with the necessary support and advice. A brief look at the history of the Snehathalam project is listed below.

Phase 1 targeted breast cancer and aimed at covered 1000 people in camps spread all over Kerala. Breast cancer makes up a third of the occurrences of Cancer amongst women and is a completely curable disease without surgical intervention. The camps run in a Marathon fashion spread over 75 days, was inaugurated by HH. Pooyam Thirunal Gowri Lakshmi Bayi on the 15th of September 2015. This phase screened 9842 women of whom 947 were referred to Swasthi Clinic. 53 Mammograms were suspicious and 8 were diagnosed as positive.

Phase 2 was the next phase that targeted Oral Cancer. There were 42 detection camps, screening 3527 people. The camp was held at various places in Trivandrum. This phase concluded with a mega show on 03 Apr 2016 at Tagore Hall.

Phase 3 was a combination of Breast and Oral Cancer detection venture. There was also a thought in the background that the best way to combat cancer is to provide awareness to the general public. Thus, Snehathalam Camps also conducted seminars by experts in the field, from the 3rd phase onwards. More than 1000 people were screened for Breast and Oral cancer in this phase.

Phase 4 is an ambitious programme that would be an epoch making one when it reaches culmination. This camp is ongoing and aims at screening at least one hundred thousand people in a marathon, year long programme. This campaign can perhaps attain a place of honour in the Guinness Book of World Records if it succeeds. This campaign has so far screened close to twenty thousand people with the last few months and the target of 100000 seems well within reach.

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