Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Face of Vellayani , unveiled

As the Hon Tourism Minister, Sri Kadakampally Surendran, pressed the button on the console and the aerial picture of Vellayani Lake appeared on the screen, the audience held their collective breathe. The emerging face that cleared on the screen reflected the sheer beauty of the lake, an enigmatic smile hiding the mind behind. It was not a depiction of an artist’s etching or a sculptor’s chisel work. It was a real face that is well known and very much loved.
Today Vellayani Lake is no longer an inanimate water body, it is a lake with a face , a mind and a soul. In a speech that reflected determination and hope the ‘Face of Vellayani’, Mamta Mohandas spoke of the close relation between human and their environmemt and the necessity of the upkeep of the latter for the survival of the former. What we do to nature, we do unto ourselves was the message she conveyed.
The need for an animate face and the how aptly Mamta fitted the role was very well introduced to the gathering by none other than the noted Film Maker and Actor, Madhupal. At a meeting attended by hundreds, some of the key figures in the socio-political scenario made their presence felt.
In attendance were Sri Jacob Punnoose IPS, Swasmi Gururatna Jnanatapaswi, Swami Sookshmananda, Fr Mathew Chakkalakkal, Fr Mathew Manakkarakkavil, Fr Felix, Dr Shashi Tharoor M P, V S Sivakumar MLA, M Vincent MLA, V Sivankutty, Ex MLA, M Vijayakumar, KTDC Chairman, Venganoor Panchayat Sreekala, and Vice President, Venganoor Satheesh Kumar, P H Kurien IAS, Dr Balakiran IAS, S Gopinath IPS, Inbasekar IAS ,RDO, Raghuchandran Nair, Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Dr Ratheesh Nair, Honorary Consul of Russia, Vidhu Prathap, Mohandas, Manju Pillai, Dr K K Manojan, Dr Babu Mathew, Dr Chandramohan, Dr Devin Prabhakar, Raja Moorthy, Maneesh Kannamthanam, Prithviraj, President Kerala police Officers Association, Anil Kumar District secretary, Kerala Police Officers Association, Keral University Union Chairperson Shyamili sasikumar and Gen Secy Sreejith, Dr Premlal, Dr Feroze Ahamed Khan, Dr Anil Peethambaran, Dr M S Jeyasekar, Dr Kavitha Devin, Dr Karthika Premlal, Dr Soniya Feroze, Dr Anuja Varghese, Dr Mary Ipe, Dr Roshni Shyam, Dr Arifa, Sreeraj, Dr G V Hari,Sajan Velloor, Ambili Jacob, Dr Lini, Dr Suju, ,Maya Menon, Adarsh Prathap, Mohan Pillai, Koliyur Suresh, Abhilash Pillai, R S Shibu, Capt Menon, Hanshi V V Vinodkumar, Charles G J along with Swasthi Foundation trustees G L Muraleedharan, Gokul Govind, V Harikrishnan, Adv Dimple Mohan, V Karthiyayani, Asha Subramoniam, Rebecca Thomas, Dr Jaya Gopinath. and Beena Annie.
The other notable participants were Rajasekharan from Christ Nagar School, Biju Cheriyan, Dileep and Deepu from Suraz Tech, P G Vinod GIS Expert, Dr Abhijith Bhatt. The program was beautifully choreographed by Sreekanth (Cameo) and Deepu S G was a key planner of the program.

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