Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Sneha Drishti


Sneha Drishti is launched.

Swasthi Foundation in partnership with Divya Prabha Eye Hospital, S N G;lobal Mission and Jyothirgamaya Foundation has now opened up a new pathway to unearthing talents in visually challenged people and also taken up health care of these people.

This is another feather to the Swasthi Foundation cap. In association with Divya Prabha Eye Hospital , S N United Mission and Jyothirgamaya Foundation, Swasthi Foundation has decided to take over the healthcare and the development of Sporting and Cultural Talents among those facing visual challenges. This comes to the fore in light of many instances where vision impairment could have been corrected with minor intervention or early detection and the vastly unused talent lying unused simply by denying opportunity for what is wrongly construed as a weakness.

A committee has been constituted to oversee and execute the plans.

The committee will be chaired by  Shri Gopinath Muthucaud and Vice Chair person will be Ms Tiffany Brar, the founder of Jyothirgamaya Foundation. The health care wing shall consist of Nodal Officers Dr Chandra Mohan, Dr Devin Prabhakar, Dr. Anupama Ramachandran, Dr Karthika Gopan, Dr Kavitha Devin.  The Sports and Cultural wing will have Sri. Rajamoorthy, Sri Vidhu Prathap, Hanshi V V Vinodkumar, Sri Charles G J and Smt. Deepthi Vidhu Prathap as members. Adv Dimple Mohan shall be the Project Executive.

The project took shape on the 20th of March and was undersigned by Shri Gopinath IPS and Shri Abey George for Swasthi Foundation and by Ms Tiffany Brar for Jyothirgamaya Foundation. The constitution was ratified by common consent in a meeting chaired  by Shri Gopinath IPS and attended by Shri Abey George,  Shri Deepu S G, Hanshi Vinodkumar V V, Shri Charles G J and Shri Rajamoorthy on Swasthi Foundation side and Ms Tiffany Brar from Jyothirgamaya Foundation.




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