Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Kerala Police Project

Policemen, the protectors of civil life and rights, are the first people we rely on when something untoward befalls us. Yet, almost invariably, we tend to forget the fact that they are just as human as us and can be subject to health issues. These brave people who have dedicated their lives to the service of the society, have hardly any time for themselves and it is our duty as dutiful citizens to provide them with the much needed protection to their health.

After the success of Rakshaka Raksha (a cancer detection and care project for members of the police force and their families) and Kaaval Kanninu Kaaval (ophthalmology clinic for policemen), Swasthi Foundation now plans to roll out a comprehensive healthcare scheme for Policemen.

At a meeting held on Swasthi Foundation Premises, attended by members of Police Officers  Association , it was decided to initiate this scheme with health camps to be held at various locations. The support of KPSOA, KPOA and KPA is to be sought. Travancore Scans have offered services at subsidized rates and promised on site test facilities when possible

It is also observed that stress plays a crucial role in the health condition of policemen. This is especially true for the officers on frontline services like traffic police. Traffic police who are exposed to the elements and polluted air, often work long hours with scarcely any protection. Along with healthcare,  stress management  to shall figure prominently in the scheme

The Co-ordination Committee to manage the activities of this scheme are

  • Coordinator – Dr Thomas Mathew , Principal, Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Coordinator – Sri S Gopinath IPS, Trustee, Swasthi Foundation
  • Dr Sahasranamam, Director, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Trivandrum
  • Dr Anita Balan, Principal, Trivandrum Dental College
  • Prof Dr George Koshy, Cardiologist, Trivandrum Medical College
  • Dr Anil Peethambaran, HOD, Neurosurgery, Trivandrum Medical College
  • Prof Dr M Iqbal Ahmed, Senior Consultant & Retd Oncologist, KIMS, Trivandrum
  • Dr Anuja Varghese, HOD, Dermatology, , Trivandrum Medical College
  • Prof Dr Benny P V, Community Medicine, Gokulam Medical College
  • Dr Feroz Ahamed Khan, Co-founder Serene Skin Centre, Pediatrician, Fellowship in Neonatology.
  • Dr Sonia Feroze, Director, Cosmetology, Serene Skin Centre, Trivandrum
  • Dr Premlal A P, Associate Professor, Plastic Surgery, , Trivandrum Medical College
  • Dr Jayaprabha, Associate Professor, ENT, , Trivandrum Medical College
  • Dr Raymond Morais, Retd HOD, Neurosurgery, , Trivandrum Medical College
  • Dr Vasudevan Sambu Potti, Additional Professor , Urology, Trivandrum Medical College
  • Pror Dr Chacko Varghese, Nephrology, SUT Medical College, Vattappara.
  • Dr Devin Prabhakar, Director & Ophthalmologist, Divya Prabha Hospital, Trivandrum
  • Dr Kavitha Devin, Ophthalmologist, Divya Prabha Hospital, Trivandrum
  • Dr Susan Philip, Additional Professor, Regional Institute of Ophthalmology, Trivandrum
  • Prof (retd )Dr Babu Mathew, RCC, Trivandrum
  • Dr K Chandramohan, Additional Professor, RCC , Trivandrum
  • Dr Susan Mathew, Additional Professor, RCC, Trivandrum
  • Dr Asha Arjun, Additional Professor, RCC, Trivandrum
  • Dr Balagopal, Superintend, Cochin Cancer Research Centre, Kochi
  • Dr Sisha Liz Abraham, Asst Professor,Cochin Cancer Research Centre, Kochi
  • Dr Neeta Sreedharan, Asst Professor , Cochin Cancer Research Centre, Kochi
  • Dr Mayadevi Kurup, Senior Consultant, Gynecology, Aster Med City, Kochi
  • Dr Karthika Gopan, Asst Professor, Pediatrics, SUT Medical College, Trivandrum
  • Dr R S Sindu, Surgical Gastroenterologist, Trivandrum Medical College.
  • Dr Arun B Nair, Asst Professor, Psychiatry, Trivandrum Medical College
  • Dr Arun Shankar, Diabetologist, Jyothydev’s Diabetes & Research Centre
  • Ms Sunitha Jyothydev, Clinical Psychologist, Jyothydev’s Diabetes & Research Centre

This team is comprised of members of Swasthi Foundation Healthcare Team


  1. Medical Camp at various centers as decided the Association
  2. Issue of health as per requirement
  3. Medical History compilation and follow up recommendations – Dr Karthika Gopan
  4. Co-ordination of review by Swasthi Foundation- Adv Dimple Mohan
  5. Further Camps as per requirement will be conducted at various centers
  6. Health Awareness Sessions at various centers
  7. Prof Dr Babu Mathew and Dr Devin Prabhakar to be nodal officers


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