Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Caring Hands for the our Civic Defenders

The Policeman is the first person we run to when we face any difficulty that is beyond our control. Be it an accident on the roads, loss of valuables, harassment or threat by shady elements or even a scary situation at home, the policeman has always been perceived as the protector who will take us to safety or reclaim our losses. Involuntarily we tend to see a superman in him and often forget the fact that they are just as human as we are and are subject to health issues and injuries as anyone is. In fact it is often more so, as they are exposed to unfriendly situations, unsheltered surroundings and unclean areas of work. Not many appreciate the difficulty they go through in rendering the services we demand of them day in and day out. And often when the job is done, they melt into the background, without any indication of injuries sustained or illnesses incurred.

Swasthi Foundation, has stepped forward with a mission to provide healthcare for these unseen heroes. The initial phase of the program was, screening policemen and their families for Oral, Breast and Cervical Cancer. These camps reached out to them and were rendered completely free of charges.

The runaway success of this scheme has prompted Swasthi Foundation to enlarge the scope of the project. Today Swasthi Foundation envisions a comprehensive healthcare program for Police Officers  and the project is currently on its initial stages. Rakshaka Raksha is perhaps one of the best example of mutual support missions that will be considered an example of social consciousness.


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