Tue. Jan 21st, 2020


Dark Alleys? Lonely Roads ? Crowded Transport or Railway Coaches? There are a million dark corners where a woman can feel unsafe, especially once the evening sets in. And there are times when these fears are not completely uncalled for… There are times when the wolf in bushes, the molester on the road or the rascal in the crowd may chances upon a woman, all on her own. It is indeed an unsafe world for defenseless women.

Only if they are defenseless…………..

Well, not anymore…

Swasthi Foundation, SAI(LNCPE) and United Shito Ryu Karate Association have come together with SNEHAJWALA- the flames of love ! Snehajwala, intends to train women and young girls in basic martial arts, enough to protect themselves, and hold their own until help arrives. And this program is intended to cover the entire length and breadth of Kerala, and eventually, outside the state too.

The initial training program is a free training camp that trains you in all the necessary basic skills of self defense. And for those who wish to develop further, the option will be available to them. The program will be headed by Dr G Kishore, Director SAI and Principal LNCPE, Sri S Gopinath I.P.S , Trustee, Swasthi Foundation and Smt Manju Pillai, Trustee, Swasthi Foundation will be the mascot and brand ambassador.The program will be  Co-ordinated by HANSHI Vinodkumar V V NIS, 8th Degree Black belt holder in Karate Association of India (KAI) and 7th Degree Black Belt in World Karate Federation (WKF) and one of the Senior most Karate Instructor in Kerala. HANSHI Vinodkumar V V is the founder and Grand Master of United Shito Ryu Karate, India and is the only official coach in Karate in Kerala Sports Council. United Shito Ryu Karate also boasts of a Guinness World Record for the most performing KATA in the whole world, a rare and prestigious recognition, indeed. Adv Dimple Mohan will be the program specialist

Snehajwala, is only the first step to a complete and comprehensive solution, to the safety of women, within and without the confines of their homes. This has been one of the prime social causes, considered top priority amongst numerous others, and is being executed after years of research and planning. This program is developed in a manner that can be instituted at School, College, Local Body or Residents Association levels. The initial mission is to reach and train as many women as possible, regardless of age or socio-economic status, and to enable them to protect themselves. In essence     it means giving women the freedom of  movement , anywhere, anytime!. Snehajwala camps are designed in a manner that instills in a woman three qualities that can help them make the shift from being meek to the being someone who can stand up to tough challenges, be it on the streets, at places of work, public transport or at home.


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