Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Sneha Sagaram

Health Scheme for Fishermen who saved lives.

Kerala witnessed unprecedented rain fall and floods in the month of August and tens of thousands of people were stranded across various districts in Kerala.  Rescue & Relief measures of the Govt. couldn’t reach the areas of maximum damage due to inaccessibility.

The fisherman community of our state had perceived the imminent dangers of loss of lives of many and they proceeded to the flood affected area with their Boats.  They were successfully able to save the lives of thousands of our brothers and sisters braving violent flood waters.
It is only appropriate that we acknowledge the selfless services rendered by them.   Swasthi Foundation & S.N Global Mission committed to social services has envisaged a project to ensure the healthcare of the fishermen in association with the TSSS.

A brief note about the project is given below.

A team of more than 40 eminent doctors from Swasthi Foundation & Sree Narayana Global Mission will lead a comprehensive health scheme for the fishermen from Trivandrum who saved thousands of life during the flooding.

The first phase will include a checkup camp  at TSSS, Vellayambalam and issue of identity and health cards. The fishermen requiring further medical checkup will be directed  to the appropriate centre for further management.

The team of doctors are from Government Medical College, Dental College, RCC, RIO ( Government Eye Hospital ), Jothydev Diabetes Centre, Sree Gokulam Medical College, GG Hospital, PMS Dental College  and Divya Prabha Eye Hospital will conduct the health camps and follow up activities.



Name of Doctor Specialisation
Dr.  K.K. Manojan
Dr. George Koshy Cardiology
Dr. Jothydev Diabetologist
Dr. Chandramohan Oncology
Dr. Balagopal Oncology
Dr. Boben Thomas Oncology
Dr. Ansar Suhar Sait Oncology
Dr. Sisha Liz Abraham Oncology
Dr. Jiji Anil Oncology
Dr. Kalavathi Oncology
Dr. Premlal Plastic Surgery
Dr. Karthika Gopan Pediatrics
Dr. Feroze Pediatrics
Dr. Babu Mathew Oncology
Dr. Anita Balan Dental
Dr. Sahasranamam Ophthalmology
Dr. Devin Prabhakar Ophthalmology
Dr. Kavitha Devin Ophthalmology
Dr. Anu Antony Surgery
Dr. Sonia Feroze Dermatology
Dr. Anuja Varghese Dermatology
Dr. Radhakrishnan Dermatology
Dr. Anil Peethambaran Neurology
Dr. Raymond Morris Neurology
Dr. Mary Iype Neurology
Dr. Binoy Orthopedics
Dr. Santhosh Kumar SS Orthopedics
Dr. Maya Devi Kurup Gynecology
Dr. Smitha Kiran Medicine
Dr. Benny Medicine
Dr. Arun Sankar Medicine
Dr. Ashwin David Medicine
Dr. Arun B Nair Psychiatrist
Dr. Kiran Kumar Psychiatrist
Sunita Jothydev Psychologist
Dr. Jayaprabha ENT
Dr. Vasudevan Potti Urology


Details of beneficiaries

Area Boat Number of Fishermen
Poonthura 26 110
Vizhinjam 21 84
Marianadu 21 91
Valiyaveli 18 55
Mampalli 8 20
Anjego 6 10
Puthukuruchi 4 10
Thumba 4 23
Poovar 4 24
Champavu 2 6
Thazampalli 1 2
Vettucaud 3 14
Puthiathura 3 20
Pulluvila 3 6
Adimalathura 11
Paruthiyoor 3 19
Pallithura 1 2
Thothoor 2 8
Poothura 1 1
EP Thurai 5 25
TOTAL 136 541



  1. List of beneficiaries identified
  2. First comprehensive medical camp at TSSS, Vellayambalam in September itself
  3. Issue of identity cards
  4. Issue health cards
  5. Medical history compilation and follow up recommendations. Dr. Karthika Gopan
  6. Co ordination of review by Swasthi Foundation. Adv. Dimple Mohan
  7. Further camps as per requirement will be conducted at various centers
  8. Health awareness session at various centers
  9. Devin Prabhakar to be nodal officer.


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