Fri. Jul 19th, 2019

Snehasagaram The Launch at Kollam

History tells us of heroes, individuals and groups who did great deeds of valour, and in their own way changed the course of history. But seldom does it occur, of heroes being given care and protection by the grateful others.
When the devastating flood struck Kerala in August 2018, a bewildered population, looked skywards for deliverance. The scale of the disaster was mammoth and caught the Government on the back foot. Even the rescue machinery and the nation’s armed forces were caught unawares.

It was then that the fishermen of the state stepped in with their boats. Countless lives were saved and invaluable support was lent to the rescue efforts. In fact it is only fair to say that the mission was largely a heroic story of the deeds of these brave men.
Swasthi Foundation has always admired selfless deeds of heroism and there was but one mission in the heart of the organization. . Swasthi Foundation planned a healthcare scheme for the fishermen and their families. After meticulous planning, the scheme was launched and on 16th of December 2018. The team of Swasthi Heroes, our very own Doctors arrived at the Karmala Rani Training College at Kollam for the launch.
The doctors attended to over 2000 people through the day. The Hon Minister for Fisheries Mercykutty J , who graciously inaugurated the scheme was astonished by the scale of the camp and was generous in her praise for the same. As usual , our doctors outdid themselves and earned the praise and respect of the fishermen folk and their families who attended.

It would be ungracious if the doctors who attended were give the due mention and respect they truly deserve.
• DR BABU MATHEW RETIRED PROFESSOR , REGIONAL CANCER CENTRE, TVM a well respectedOncologist who had an illustrious medical career
• DR IQBAL AHAMED RETIRED PROFESSOR AND HOD, REGIONAL CANCER CENTRE, TVM, an Oncologist who has earned the love and respect of Cancer Patient through out the State
• DR THOMAS MATHEW PRINCIPAL, TRIVANDRUM MEDICAL COLLEGE, a truly committed doctor who despite his schedule finds time for social causes
• Dr Mohan Roy, RMO Medical College, Trivandrum , and a leading psychiatrist, who a path breaker in his field
• Dr Devin Prabhakar, Ophthalmologist, Divya Prabha Eye Hospital , Trivandrum, This healer of problem affecting the most vital human.sense
• Dr Vasudevan Sambu Potty, Additional Professor, Urology, Medical College Trivandrum, a authority in the field of Urology
• Dr Feroze Ahamed Khan, Neonatologist, Ananthapuri Hospital Trivandrum with an illustrious career background
• Dr Mathan George, General Surgeon , Gokulam Medical College, Trivandrum, a surgeon whose deft hands have saved countless lives.
• Dr J Arun, Orthopedic , Jubliee Hospital ,Trivandrum. A doctor whose skill has eased the pains of many a person.
• Dr Ansar Suhar Said, Oncologist, General Hospital , Kollam, another stalwart Oncologist with a great career history.
• Dr Biju B Nelson, Superintendent, Government Hospital , Kottarakkara, and District President of IMA Kiollam ,with the busiest of schedules and yet a commitment for social causes.
• Dr Mayadevi Kurup, LEAD CONSULTANT, GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRICS, ASTER MEDICITY, whose commitment can be seen for the trouble she took to travel to the camp location
• Dr Sheeba George, Cardiologist, Jubilee Hospital, Trivandrum, who skills have cared for the well being of thousands of human hearts, saving valuable lives.
• Dr Soniya Feroze (Sonia Musaliar), Dermatologist and Cosmetologist, founder Serene Skin & Laser Center, and a leading dermatologist in Kerala
• Dr Bindu Ernest, General Physician, General Hospital ,Alapuzha, another busy doctor who found time for this cause.
• Dr Jessy Samuel, General Physician. Amardeep hospital, a doctor who lend her valuable time for the camp
• Dr Abhilash & Dr Fazil from Regional Institute of Ophthalmology who brought their team to the camp to assist the cause. This team deserves a lot of thanks.
• Dr Greeshma Merin Mathews, Dr C S Shruthi, Dr Santhu Sadasivan, Dr Basim Burhan, Dr Anjana Menon R, Dr Greeshma L R, Dr Binsa Najumudeen from PMS Dental College who are also owed great deal of thanks and respect.
Dr R C Sreekumar, Chairman, Association of Surgeons of India, Kerala Chapter and Professor,Vascular surgery SCT and Dr Anupama Ramachandran, President IMA Trivandrum, graciously provided supervision and guidance for the entire camp.
Dr Raymond Morris, Retired Professor and HOD Neurosurgery, who took on the mantle of the Nodal Officer of the Snehasagaram for Kollam. The huge success and acceptance of the camp in Kollam and the eventual continuation is owed to Dr Raymond Morris.
The whole concept including its nomenclature owes its existence to Sri Jacob Punnoose IPS, Chairman, Swasthi Foundation.
One should never forget the fact that the mission is taken up with the zest by our mission partner Malayala Manorama and a million thanks are owed there, especially, Mr Ajayan, Chief News Editor , Kollam and Mr Radhakrishnan, Bureau Chief , Kollam . Special gratitude is owed to our mission partners S N Global Mission represented by Dr K K Manojan and DrDevin Prabhakar.
The missionaries who made excellent arrangements for the camp deserve special mention. Quilon Social Service Society, under the Catholic Diocese of Kollam and under the direct supervision of His Holiness The Bishop, palyed a ket role in the success of the camp and was represented by Fr Alphonse, the Director and Deputy Director, Fr Joe..

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