Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Stress Free Zone

De Stress or Distress, the choice is yours!

The hectic pace of modern life has given birth to a new health hazard that has begun taking a significant toll on human life, especially urban life. This silent killer is now loose amongst the general public and has spread its tentacles everywhere, regardless of Gender, Age, Socio-Economic Status and Occupation. No one is immune to this modern day malaise, which used to be largely restricted to Executives working with large corporates and High Ranking Officers in positions of power.


Today, stress has tightened its grip on entire communities, without sparing even home makers and young children. What used to be blamed squarely on performance challenges, peer pressures and work related anxiety has now taken on myriad headed monstrous proportions, taking the everyday life styles of all individuals as a catalyst. Sedentary life styles, over dependence on devices, occupational pressures including that at school level, polluted air and water, adulterated food and lack of activity oriented entertainment, in addition to alienation in family relationships have all contributed to this alarming rise in stress related health issues. Stress now plays a significant role in the rise of cardiac problems amongst the youth and the ever rising problems like obesity, sleep disorders, hypertension, diabetes, and the alarming rise in the occurrences of mental instability.

Swasthi Foundation is currently rolling out a program to help a stressed out body civic, overcome the hazards of Stress. It is named STRESS FREE ZONE, a de-stress clinic, offering free service to those in need. The clinic shall comprise of a team of doctors. Clinical Psychologist, Psychiatrist, General Physician, Ophthalmologist, and Pediatrician make up this team. This clinic is open to all sections of the society and is completely free of charge. The clinic also conducts stress prevention awareness camps in strategically important centers like schools, colleges, corporate offices and high stress offices.

The current team of Doctors comprise of

  • Dr Arun B Nair . Asst Professor, Psychatry, M C Trivandrum
  • Mrs Sunitha Jyothydev, Clinical Psychologist, Jyothydev’s Diabetes & Research Centre
  • Dr Karthika Gopan. Asst Peadiatrics, SUT Medical College
  • Dr Devin Prabhakar. Director, Divya Prabha Eye Hospital
  • Prof Dr Benny P V, Community Medicine, Gokulam Medical College
  • Dr Kiran Kumar, Psychiatrist, Govt Mental Health Centre, Trivandrum


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