Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Sukhino Bhavanthu

May peace and prosperity reign everywhere

The world and all that she has bestowed, belongs to all living beings, to be shared and enjoyed fairly and equitably. Mother Nature has bequeathed all the necessities that life needs and the greatest comforts that can be dreamt about. However it is time we, humans who have usurped the lion’s share of this largesse took stock of our use of nature’s resources and large scale defacements we    have  affected. .
We have littered the face of the earth with non degradable garbage, that could choke the growth of flora. We have polluted the fresh water rivulets with chemicals and rendered them unusable. We have pock marked the face of earth with large scale manual denudation of her surface in search of resource. We have poisoned the air with hydro carbon emissions. And we still have scant regard for the damage that has been affected. And this would go on… until Nature chooses to retaliate.  As she did just a few months ago.

When she let loose her fury, all of human calculations went to ground. Man for all his avarice was rendered helpless and at her mercy. The floods of August that inundated large parts of Kerala, was largely a natural rebound of damages mankind did. It is time to take stock.

Sukhino Bhavanthu is Swasthi Foundation’s program to regroup all the people concerned and with the prudence to stop damaging nature anymore and littering our neighborhoods. And in this venture we have found the help and active support of Government, Local Government and Non Governmental Bodies, Police Department, and numerous corporate bodies, educational institutions, residential associations and welfare societies.

The program was launched amidst great acceptance and has made concrete steps forward. The mission involves keeping the streets free of garbage and preventing littering of water bodies. This program also envisages planting of saplings wherever possible and providing safety and security for all, especially for the weak amongst us. It also intends to extend health care to the society at large. It also plans to educate the public and getting them actively involved in programs that project the need to protect the environment and preventing the use and eventual misuse of plastics and promoting the use of bio friendly products and food.

This project was the result of years of planning and research by Swasthi Foundation and had the involvement of many organization out on a similar mission and with the commitment to the same.

Sukhino Bhavanthu is all about you and nature. Let us not hurt mother earth anymore.

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