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Swasthi Ladies Club

The fast changing world has laid out a vast array of activities that women can initiate and lead. A commune that was initiated by Swasthi Foundation for the women to contribute their mite is the Swasthi Ladies Club.Thsi Club aims at

Taking an active role in the Social Welfare activities of Swasthi

To initiate iladies wing’s  own activities,

Fund Raising drives for various charitable and social causes

Family Welfare projects for needy people especially for families dependant on women

Participate in community events.

Arranging a variety of social events and socially beneficial outings

The Swasthi Ladies Wing shall be managed by a General Committee comprising a minimum of 12 members.  The of this General Committee role is to manage the affairs of the ladies wing, arrange the time and places of meeting, outline the programme of events and  administer the funds of the wing in consultation with Wing members.

The officers of the committee shall consist of the Chair Lady, Treasurer, Secretary and two programme secretaries.  These officers shall be elected by a majority of the Wing members voting at AGM, and appointed at the first meeting of the committee following the AGM.  All the members of the committee shall be elected to serve for two years, after they retire for at least one year. The committee may decide to combine any of the officers.


A quorum of the General Committee shall be three (half), or half of the committee members (rounded up) if that is greater than three.  The committee may fill vacancies and co-opt additional committee members as required as long there is always a majority of elected Committee Members. These new Committee Members may serve until the next AGM. All Committee members, whether co-opted or elected must be full Members of Swasthi Ladies Wing.

Swasthi Ladies Wing meetings are generally held every first Thursday of the month, and Outings on the third Thursday wherever possible, with the exceptions of the months of January, when the only Meeting is the AGM, and August, when will be  no Outing. The General Committee reserves the right to amend this arrangement as it sees fit.

An Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Swasthi Ladies Wing shall be held, normally on the third Thursday in January if practicable. The main business of the AGM is to present the Chairlady’s report, to view the accounts of the wing and to elect new members to the Committee as required; also to conduct such other business as may be necessary. Fourteen days notice of the AGM shall be given to all members and 12 members shall form a quorum (or half the members if fewer than 12.)

Nominations for the Committee may be made by any Wing Member to any Committee Member in advance of the AGM. The Chairlady shall read the list of all nominations at the AGM for the Wing Members to vote upon.

The Governing Committee


Chair Lady                                       :         Pooyam Thirunal Gowri parvathi                                                                               Bayi

President                                         :         Rebecca Punnoose

Vice Chair person                                    Usha Kurien

Vice Chair Person                          :         Sheelu Gigi Thomson

Treasurer                                         :         Beena Abey George

Programme Convenors                           . Dr. Jaya Gopinath

. Valsa Onakkoor

. Rekha Madhupal

Secretary                                                   : Priya Jayasekhar

Cultural Event Convenors                       : Deepthi Vidhu pradhap


Fundraising Programme Convenors      :Annie Markose Abraham

Lekha Gokul

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