Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Swasthi Saukhya

The hands that heal

Swasthi Saukhya is the offshoot of Swasthi Foundation, that takes on the  task of public healthcare. This patented brand name that Swasthi Foundation  is synonymous with the fight against all forms of diseases and has proven its mettle through the last few years. Saukhya though seen as the medical wing of Swasthi Foundation’s Operations has proven to be the backbone of the organization. Today, though this initiative has many feathers on its cap, it still strives to outdo its own records and has been a flag bearer in its chosen field.

Manned by some of the best doctors in the various fields of specialization, Saukhya has been able to reach out to almost every corner of the state and provide valuable diagnostic and medical care for those of limited means. The various specialties include medical and surgical expertise in Oncology, Cardiology, Ophthalmology, Pediatrics, Nephrology, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, General Medicine, Orthodontics,. Neurology, Urology, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry and Diabetology. This all round team of dedicated doctors have been rendering invaluable service to the needy on a voluntary basis, thus benefitting those unable to avail of high quality medical help. This has cut across, socio economic, religious, and  geographic boundaries, and has provided the soothing touch of care to all in need. Some of the campaigns need special mention for reaching out to the marginalized and scarcely noticed sections of the society.

Saukhya projects have been hall marked by the absence of extensive paperwork and need for documentation, need for payment for services and the need to travel to crowded hospital locations. The camps go to the needy , through difficult terrain and inclement weather. These camps have reached the needy amidst crowded cities and far lying tribal villages. In fact these camps bring the best medical expertise to the common man at no cost at all.

Saukhya missions are run by mission groups like Snehathalam, a mission group formed in partnership with Malayala Manorama and Snehajwala , formed in partnership with United Shito Ryu Karate Association  and the Kalaripayattu Federation of India. These mission groups are formed with specific mission goals, targeting specific groups. In fact these strategic partnerships often extend beyond mission parameters and result in more projects that help people. There are also express groupings that are formed to address exigencies that arise unexpectedly, like the floods of 2018 and the Okhi Cyclone. A prime example of the hand in glove partnership between Swasthi  Foundation and Saukhya arose on the occasion of the floods with the parent body providing emergency support to the deprived and Saukhya swinging into action, with emergency medical and disease prevention drives. This duality has helped division of duties and better management in times of need.

Aaswasam ,the first mission organized by Saukhya, was a series of general medical camps conducted for less privileged people in the outlying areas of Trivandrum. This camp was attended by more than 2000 people and was the launching pad for Saukhya missions in the future.

Snehathalam is the battle against Cancer. The initial phase cover the screening and subsequent cure of Breast, Oral and Cervical Cancer. These camps have already covered  tens of thousands of people and have completed three phase by 2018. The fourth phase is ongoing and intends to cover more than one hundred thousand people .

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