Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

Swasthi Shishya

It requires , but a sole match stick, to light up the brightest of chandeliers.


Every young mind is a treasure trove of creativity. Talent that lies latent within these brilliant brains, need to be unearthed and brought to the fore.  Academic excellence is among one of the reasons why a  search for these innate abilities is abandoned at a young age. Parental pressure for academics often act as  blinders,  hiding the wider vista from the child and can be burial caskets for youthful dreams and sky high ambitions. In short, academics excellence, while being an absolute necessity, can also build high fences between a child and his dreams. The budding sportsperson, the brilliant artist, the great orator, the visionary statesman, the innovative manager and the adventurous spacefarer who takes birth in the  young mind should never be allowed to die untimely deaths, within those very minds.

Introversion, shyness, inability to communicate, fear of voicing one’s opinion, phobia of public notice etc are some reasons why, despite academic brilliance, a lot of young people end up being second best. This is especially true of the youth in Kerala. It is a well known fact that, children from Kerala while being top academic performers, often end up being an ‘also ran’, in various competitive  forums, almost invariably led by outspoken and assertive youth from other states. Does this mean that Malayalee boys and girls lack the cutting edge – the ability to be noticed for their talents?  Definitely not…..

Swasthi Foundation, with the hindsight of its research in the field of youth development, over the years, has realized that giving a boost to some key skills can offset this problem effectively. With this end in mind Swasthi is launching an overall  development  project for academic toppers  from the schools in Trivandrum. These training projects  aim at unearthing certain key skills  in children, who are already achievers in academics.

  • Improving Interpersonal Skills: You are who you portray yourself as. Ability to present yourself and gain respect  for  what you represent is one of the  basic skills that need to be developed. This is one skill that requires to be imprinted early in life.
  • Developing Communication Skills: The ability to communicate is one that needs to be developed in children for them to succeed. A person with great knowledge of a language is not necessarily a great communicator. Great communication requires clarity of thought, ability to read/listen, seamless thought-speech interface and attractive linguistic quality. The program aims at instilling in a trainee, this ability.
  • Enhancing Public Speaking Skills:: Public speaking is a skill that some people are born with. In others this need to be developed. Even among the naturally endowed, it needs to be polished. This is one quality that makes a great impact on a person’s persona and the  public perception  of him.
  • Instilling Leadership Skills and Qualities: Leaders of an earlier age led from the front, leading great masses to newer terrain. The picture of a leader depicting  a sword wielding , horse riding hero has given way to the innovative, smart thinking, team maker. These skills play a key role in deciding whether you were the leader of the pack or the second line runner.
  • Training in Management Skills: Management over the last century has evolved into a science of its own. What use to be associated with board rooms is now applied in every side of life from your daily routine, family management to matters of international import
  • Creating Social Skills and Values: You are part of a social machinery. However it is for you to develop yourself as a vital cog in it. Your social skills decide your social status, and your adherence to social values  sustain you.
  • Giving an understanding of Traditional Values: We are born into a society, built on values handed down to us through generations. Tradition is the bed rock upon which the structure of human civilization is built on. An understanding and appreciation of these values help keep our feet firmly planted on the ground while we let our heads reach out onto the clouds.
  • Developing Debate and Group Discussion Skills: Debating and Group discussion skills are absolutely essential for any sort of success in the world today. A great concept in your brain is worthless, tabled and accepted is priceless.

It also aims at helping them develop personal attributes like Positive Attitude, Self Confidence, Cool Temperament and Level Headedness.

The Criteria

School Children with proven academic achievement from schools around Trivandrum are eligible for enrolment this program. The academic head of the institution shall decide the trainee team from each school.

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